Styling // Study Nook: Lounge to Study & Bedroom Conversion

I'm really excited to share with you a part of my home finally! Hubby and I bought a 1920's Semi Detached Sandstone Bungalow back in 2007, literally a mile from the CBD of Adelaide. We wanted a character home close to the city and when we found this we knew it had great potential. Untouched floorboards, high ceilings, decent sized block, a shed (an essential for the hubs), good sized rooms and perfect location. We renovated our home from the end 2010 to 2012 whilst being pregnant and having a newborn (that is a whole other story for another time!). With only two bedrooms we knew that we would eventually need a third bedroom for a second child. 

Our renovation included a new open plan kitchen/living area so our original lounge room became a quasi study / spare room where we stored all our 'stuff' that had nowhere else to go. When I became pregnant with Lola we got to work turning this 'open' room into Lola's bedroom and a study nook. What is it with being pregnant and renovating?! We have done this twice now! Extreme nesting at its best. My hubby is very handy (and studied Building Design) so we did all the work ourselves. I say we because it's always a team effort and hey, I was busy growing little toes and fingers! This isn't our forever home (that one's near the beach) so with a view to selling our home one day we stuck to a tight budget. At the bottom of the post I share some 'BEFORE' pics with you (excuse the blurry photos). 

As the old lounge room was essentially an open room (with three walls, one with full windows), we needed to build a wall to turn this into a fully enclosed bedroom for Lola, with a recessed study nook on the outside. To create the bedroom and the study nook we removed the old fireplace and mantle, built a new wall frame and ceiling, installed all new electricals, lights, cornices, skirting boards, power points, new bulkhead, bedroom door and ceiling fan. We don't get a lot of light into the hallway as our home is semi detached so we installed a skylight to introduce light.


You're probably all pretty familiar by now with Lola's room which is on the other side of the study nook. The study nook is recessed so essentially we have created an extension of our hallway. We wanted an all white space that would blend in with the rest of the (white) hallway so to ensure it was seamless with the rest of our home we installed the same IKEA cabinetry we have in our kitchen. Yes, kitchen cabinets again!! Heaps of storage with a double row of 5 cupboards (10 cupboards in total) fitting books, files, paperwork and stationary. As we had a tight budget and being fans of repurposing where we can we reused a plain white IKEA floating desk that we already had. Using a floating desk gives an illusion of space and enables us to tuck the chair under the desk. We did away with the need for under desk drawers because we have so much above head storage and adding them would have cluttered the space, visually and physically. It also means we can fit two chairs here if the need arises. 

Once all the hard work was done it was time to add the finishing touches. I was lucky enough to win a $2000 Interiors Addict comp a couple of years ago where I won vouchers to different stores. I was able to source the Replica Eames chair and the Beacon Lighting lamp with those vouchers. The Aboriginal paintings I bought on my recent trip to Alice Springs. I'm a big fan of Aboriginal paintings and these are perfect for adding a pop of colour to an all white space. I already had the Rachel Castle and Things 'One Sweet Heart' framed tea towel, the cushion is a $10 bargain from Target, the plant and pot are from Bunnings, the white storage square box I got in Bali a few years ago and the grey notebook and pen are from Kikki K.


We're really happy with our study nook, it's a practical and functional space where we can work and study. We have definitely squeezed every inch of space out of our home and the study nook is a good example of this. After never having a dedicated study area this space makes me happy every time I walk past! 

Hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my mini abode. Maria X 

The BEFORE pics (sorry about the blurriness)