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The change of season is here and with that change brings a change of bedding with it. I like to mix things up and keep things fresh because my bedroom is the nicest room in my house! Here I share what I do in between seasons to keep my bedroom looking fresh, light and bright.

  • Ditch the doona and covet the coverlet! Just before summer ended I was lucky enough to be gifted bedding from the lovely girls at More Than Ever. It was superb timing because Adelaide experienced a heatwave in the last gasps of summer and our heavy quilt was driving me crazy, ending up on the floor most nights. My husband is like an oven so he hates having covers on him yet I need to have covers on me so it just wasn’t working! When Brook and Mandie sent me this 100% cotton percale coverlet I swapped out our doona and put this on our bed straight away. Coverage, but not too much, and really beautiful quality, it’s also reversible with a chevron pattern throughout, one side mustard, the other side lilac (as seen on the cushion with the corner ties). Now that Autumn has made it’s mark here in Adelaide I’ll add a thick blanket to provide more warmth. I’m a total coverlet convert for the warmer months!

  • Swap your doonas every season. For summer you should have a lighter cotton doona and winter your doona should be feather or down for extra warmth. I have a separate doona for summer and winter and I professionally dry clean each doona when I swap them over. Gets rid of the nasties and keeps them properly clean, ready to go for when you need them next. It’s not that expensive, maybe around $30 for a king size. You could wash your doona in your washing machine on a hot cycle if you had a machine big enough.

  • When it comes to your doona, supersize it. Golden rule is - always go one size up in your doona. We have a Queen bed so our doona is King size. This means the doona hangs over the bed nicely, evenly on all sides (not to mention big enough so hubby and I don’t fight over our share of doona in the middle of the night - although let’s be real, that still happens! I like to be a cocoon in winter!). It means that all your sheets will be the size of the mattress and you’d need to size up for your doona cover - but it’s worth it. I’ve seen queen doonas on queen mattresses and they look too small, like a handkerchief trying to cover a bed. Wrong (sorry girls).

  • Go Marie Kondo on your linen cupboard. Yes! That’s right, the world has gone gaga over Marie Kondo but when you’ve lived in small homes with lack of storage you get pretty good at culling ‘stuff’ you don’t have room for. I recently organised my linen cupboard (it was a disgrace, things falling on my head when I opened it!) and decided to get rid of the fitted and flat sheets that were old and worn. I knew the sheets to get rid of because they would always gather in the middle of my bed and come off my mattress entirely. So, out with the old and in with the new. My new polka dot sheets from More Than Ever are amazing (and I’m not getting paid to say that). Made me realise how crap my other sheets were. They are nice and thick so they don't gather on my bed, they stay straight and on the mattress, like good sheets should. I love polka dots for any season and the white sheets keeps my room looking light and bright. The More Than Ever range is all designed to be mixed and matched.

  • Choose natural, not fake. I like to keep things natural in the bedroom! Cotton, linen, feathers, down. I still own synthetics like polyester pillows but I prefer the feel of cotton and linen and they are more hygienic which is better suited to my husband who suffers allergies. A lot of my pillows were old and hand me downs from when I first moved out of home so I recently bought some affordable down pillows from IKEA (totally forgot IKEA stock pillows and doonas so was happy to get them at a decent price - around $50 each which is much cheaper than other places I looked). Mandie and Brook gave me these tips for my sheets -

    Wash regularly on a gentle cycle, don’t overload your washing machine (I’m totally guilty of this!) and remove them from the machine promptly. Make your bed as soon as they’re dry and if you want even smoother sheets, steam them, mist them or iron them. Even better, get someone else to do it for you!

To shop More Than Ever visit them here and here! To win a lovely More Than Ever sheet set for yourself, check out my Instagram and follow the details on my post! Good luck X


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