Kids // Lola's Unicorn Fantasy 3rd Birthday

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A couple of weeks ago Lola turned 3 and we celebrated with a special party at home, surrounded by our family and friends. Lola has never had a proper birthday party before, we had to cancel her party last year as she was sick as a dog. I felt she deserved a proper birthday party so this year we went a bit ‘extra’ for our much-longed for babe. For about a year I’ve been taking Lola to a weekly dance class run by Talia from Jump and Jive Events. For Lola, this dance class is life! She adores it so I approached Talia to help us and so, a Unicorn Fantasy birthday party was born. Talia and the girls from Jump and Jive Events totally got my vision, and while we worked together on the concept and styling, they took over and did everything, leaving me to enjoy the day stress free.

I can’t tell you how good it was to have Jump and Jive Events and the gorgeous ‘Fantasia’ to entertain the kids, leaving me to enjoy the birthday and really take it all in (which never happens if you’re doing all the work, am I right?). Lola had the BEST day, she had so much fun with all her friends and was mesmerised the whole day. And that’s what it was all about. Welcome to Lola’s Unicorn Fantasy!

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How amazing is this set up! Balloon garlands are all over Instagram I know, but they are so effective and just look so good. My brief was pastel unicorn colours and Up Up and Away nailed it! The unicorn balloons (which I had to have) are also from Up Up and Away and the pink jumbo balloon from Poppies for Grace. The garland perfectly frames the custom made neon Unicorn sign by Little Pineapple Neon.

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The dessert buffet was a massive hit with the kids (it wasn’t just for looks!). The unicorn shakes by the Jump and Jive girls were filled with strawberry milk and topped with mini donuts, in the unicorn colour-way of course!! Kids loved those. The glass jars were filled with pastel coloured marsmallows, musk sticks, coloured popcorn, sherbert cones, bananas and edible candy jewellery.

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The exquisite chocolate unicorn pinata smash cake was made by Little Dot Chocolate. It was an absolute work of art! The smash cake was filled with lollies and chocolates so you can imagine how much fun it was for the kids. Lola needed a little help smashing it to pieces, I think she was slightly overwhelmed and confused that she was actually allowed to smash it! It’s such a fun idea. The kids went wild when the pinata finally smashed and the lollies spilled out!

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In the days leading up to Lola’s birthday all Lola talked about was having a cake and everyone singing Happy Birthday to her (bless!). She didn’t ask for a specific cake, she wouldn’t have cared if it was a $4.99 mud cake from Coles, she really just wanted cake (which she said she wouldn’t share!! Happy to report she happily shared her cake with her friends LOL). A couple of days before the day, Talia from Jump and Jive Events found an amazing cake maker to make this amazing creation! So many talented people in Adelaide, wish I make something this amazing. Thank you Ivy-Lee! It was the most special birthday cake we could have ever have had, it looked amazing and tasted delicious.

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Fantasia the Unicorn did an amazing job at entertaining the kids for an hour and a half (a whole hour and a half to relax and watch the kids enjoy themselves while having a champers - bliss!). Fantasia kept the kids attention by playing games (pass the parcel, pin the tail on the unicorn, unicorn pinata), lots of dancing, giving out prizes to the kids and a bubble machine pumped out the bubbles. They thought of everything. The unicorn pinata was hilarious and I may have got a little involved. The words “I gave birth to her so pass the stick” may have come out of my mouth LOL. In my defence, the pinata needed a little helping hand…see for yourself!

You go girl!

You go girl!

Don’t worry hubby I won’t hurt you

Don’t worry hubby I won’t hurt you



Gee, this feels good!

Gee, this feels good!

Once the kids were thoroughly entertained and on a sugar high, we sang Happy Birthday to Lola. She surprised me on the day by not being shy or clingy, which she tends to be in a large crowd. We were left to eat cake, while the kids ran around, and the adults caught up over nibbles and a champagne or two. With the current unpredictable weather we’re having in Adelaide, we were so lucky to have the sun shining on us all day. I’m sure my late brother was shining on us from above that day, too.

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A special day for our rainbow babe. Happy 3rd birthday, Lola. You know this, because I sing it to you every night, you are my sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey. All those recent sleepless nights (ok, ok only a couple!) over jumbo pink balloons were all worth it to see your face light up with joy and happiness. You bring so much joy to our family, thank you baby girl. I hope one day you read this and know just how much we love and adore you. XO

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Big thank you to Jump and Jive Events for making it so special for Lola and our little family. You put so much effort in to make this an unforgettable birthday for our little girl. And thank you to these wonderful suppliers for their amazing contributions to the day! xxx

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