Kids // An Interview with Justine Clarke

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I was lucky enough to interview Justine Clarke ahead of her ‘Silly Songs’ tour coming to Adelaide. Justine is a seasoned children’s performer and she talks to us about her many varied TV roles and what you can expect from her latest kids tour which is bound to be FUN!

1. My most recent memories of you are your roles in The Time of Our Lives and The Justine Clarke Show! As an accomplished actor, singer and TV host you've played so many varied roles on the screen, what would you say you enjoy the most? 

Why thank you Maria, it's lovely to be with you and your readers! My favourite role is usually whatever I'm doing at the time. Right now I'm preparing the touring show which is really exciting and fun! I can't wait to share it with everybody!

2. Have you always entertained children or have you crossed over to the children's genre later in life?

I think I've always entertained kids even before I started on Play School. My mum owned a crèche in Melbourne when I was a little girl and being an actress means having to work other jobs so baby sitting was a big part of my life! I've always used music to entertain and engage kids. 

3. What are the differences for you as an actor in playing an adult role in a drama versus playing a role on Play School or your own show, The Justine Clarke Show!?

The content is VERY different. Play School looks easy but there are a lot of skills involved that you can only learn on the job, like being ready for things to go off track a little. Also you are playing yourself in Play School which is different to immersing yourself in a character. 

4. My daughter is two and whenever you come on ABC Kids she can't help but dance and move around, your songs and energy are infectious. How do you know a song will be a hit with the little ones?

Why thank you! I think kids know a good song when they hear one! But a simple message and actions that they are able to do, kids love to move their bodies.

5. I get such joy from watching my daughter dance and move around (her faves are Play School and anything with song and dance), whereas my son, Max, is the total opposite being a sports lover instead. I can imagine the joy you get from entertaining children live and seeing their faces light up with excitement. Can you tell us a little bit about what that's like?

They are the best audience members! There are so funny, the unbridled joy is infectious, the beautiful wobbly singing is one of my favourite sounds in the world and they use up all the energy they have, nothing is reserved for later. 

6. Tell us about your latest show currently touring the country Silly Songs and what people can expect to see?

A bright and fun looking stage design, a great light show with really cool video content, an awesome band with some of the best musicians in the country, some kids from around Australia up on screen singing their silly songs and lots and lots of silly singing along and dancing from everyone in the crowd! 

The Silly Songs Tour lands in Adelaide on Saturday, October 13, at the Thebby Theatre.

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Tickets available here 

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