Kids // KIDDO Mag Launch

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You might have seen on my Instagram that a brand new parenting and kids magazine has launched. I'm thrilled to be the Interiors Contributor of this very cool, totally non daggy kids and parenting mag (have a look at my summer interiors edit below). KIDDO Mag is like the cool kid of the class - full of spunk, laughter, adventure, kindness and of course, lots of fun! We went along to the launch at Kid and Hub last weekend so I thought I'd share a few photos. KIDDO is free and can be picked up at any kid friendly place around Adelaide. You can also read KIDDO online here. Above photo courtesy of Nabula from Kind Photo.

Photos courtesy:  Kind Photo

Photos courtesy: Kind Photo

Photo 5-12-17, 3 33 29 pm.jpg
Photo courtesy:  Kind Photo

Photo courtesy: Kind Photo