Kids // Keep your Cool: Back to School

Here in South Australia, school goes back tomorrow, and I know for so many parents that's an emotional time. My son, Max, 5, starts grade 1 tomorrow. I'm well versed now in the daily rush, the packed lunches, clean school uniforms, packing a hat, wearing sunscreen, trying to be organised and attempting to get out the door on time before the school bell sounds its horn. It's been a wonderful, busy, relaxing, crazy 6 week school holiday break and I approach the new school year with mixed feelings. I'm ready for my eldest to go back to school but I'm also sad that long, lazy mornings are over with my two, especially now I'm back at work. I've put together a little post on back to school essentials because if there is one thing that will make the year run smoothly (for me anyway!) it comes in the form of one word: ORGANISED!

Good luck to all the mamas and papas out there waving off their little at school for the first time, for those that are waving off all of their children at school and returning to an empty and quiet home, to those feeling trepidation and nervousness about starting at high school or at a new school or for those that are going into yet another year of child care. I salute you and hope this little blog post helps ease you into a wonderful new school/child care year. 

The Little Vikings  / For the Love of Stripes Backpack Mini / $65

The Little Vikings / For the Love of Stripes Backpack Mini / $65

The loveliest backpacks I've come across in a very long time. Wouldn't you agree? All round inspiring mama, Paulie, of The Little Vikings, designed and created her own backpacks when she couldn't find what she wanted for her boys! How awesome is that. I have loved following Paulie on Instagram, she had her third boy around the same time I had Lola, she is such a gorgeous mama with an inspiring go-getter attitude. Go follow her

LunchBots / Various sizes, configurations and prices /  Limetree Kids

LunchBots / Various sizes, configurations and prices / Limetree Kids

I invested in a LunchBots lunch box last year, it's stainless steel so no chemicals, no plastic, keeps food fresh for longer (handy during our hot Aussie summers) and is more hygienic. The less germs the better, plus I couldn't help but love the little lunch box compartments!

How awesome are these! Free printable super kawaii lunch box notes and jokes you can pop in your child's lunch box...I think these would put a smile on any kids face! I'm definitely going to print these out for Max. Get them for free over at CHILD MAGS! Thanks guys! 

Arlo and Co  / Bag Tag / $15

Arlo and Co / Bag Tag / $15

Bag tags are such a great idea for a child entering school at any stage and child care. It will make your child's bag stand out making it easy to find and a little personalisation will make your child feel special too.

I Quit Sugar / Woolworths / $6.40

I Quit Sugar / Woolworths / $6.40

You had me at 'no baking required'! Let's get one thing straight - I haven't quit sugar (can't, won't, probably should) but when it comes to after school snacks I'm in need of serious help. With a little one at home, and working part time, I don't have the time to bake lovely homemade cakes and snacks (wish I did, one day I will be that mama!). I need something quick, easy and healthy and these tick off all those boxes. Max helps me make these so getting him involved in cooking is an added bonus. Also, they're delicious!

Sussan  / Chambray Tie Sleeve Dress / $149.95

Sussan / Chambray Tie Sleeve Dress / $149.95

This one is for you mamas! Some days I do school drop off looking like an absolute sleep deprived mess so anything that's comfortable and a little bit stylish always makes me feel better about myself in the mornings (which, let's face it, is not my best hour!). This is the perfect dress that will take you from school drop off to coffee pick up with effortless ease. Team them with a pair of kicks, thongs (flip flops) or ankle boots during the cooler months.