Homewares // Goosebumps: AW17 Nocturnal Collection

Since 2014, Goosebumps has positioned itself as a boutique bedding brand with its playful and colourful designs that create a sense of fun and adventure. I've admired Goosebumps since they landed on the bedding scene. Their designs always bring a smile to my face. I've specified Goosebumps bedding for clients, and the 'Snakes and Ladders' quilt cover from the SS15 Down Yonder collection still graces Max's bed. 

Goosebumps have just launched their AW17 Nocturnal Collection and it talks to not only kids but adults alike. It's a unique collection that is playful and beautifully nostalgic, embracing old faves such as Bambi, rubber duckies, the good 'ol boom box and cuddly and cute puppies.

I asked Inga Rodd, Creative Director of Goosebumps, what inspired her for this latest collection, her thoughts on kids trends and about the state of her linen cupboard...

Every Goosebumps collection is so different and inspiring. You've just released the new Nocturnal range. What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Nocturnal and like most of Goosebumps collections are somewhat nostalgic of our own personal experiences as kids. From break dancing/hip hop, ghetto blasters to Puppy Love and our adoration for pooches to Best Friends and how important those BFF necklaces were where you each had a half. These memories evoke an emotion and in turn this starts the design process.

Nocturnal collection is such a playful collection from bambi to puppies to break dancing motifs. It speaks to various age groups. What's the process for you as a designer when designing for babies through to teenagers? 

We try and keep it fun and colourful. We are inspired by so many things that we see inspiration everywhere in our daily life. Sometimes we work with completely new designs and occasionally we look to the classic designs and see if we can add a new twist and flavour such as our Bambi print.

I love the blush and green tones which are bang on trend in interiors right now. Where do you think kids homewares trends are headed in the next 12 months?

With kids rooms you can almost get away with no rules and go nuts with colour so in terms of trends, we hope colour will continue to trump! We also believe the mums out there are loving buying separates and having a crack at creating something unique and out of the box for their kids! 


As a teenager I had a best friend necklace and wish I had kept it! You have absolutely nailed the teen market with your Best Friends and Boom Box bedding which I imagine is no easy feat. Do you have people in your own life in mind when designing ranges like these?

I always have my kids (5.5 year old twin boys) in mind when designing and try to think back to myself as a child which is where the Best Friends print came to fruition. I also used to have a BFF necklace and it meant EVERYTHING to me at the time. I only wish I could remember who had the other half!!!


I have a linen cupboard bursting at the seams! I can't stop myself from buying bed linen, too much goodness out there. I'm curious what a bedding designer's linen cupboard looks like! Is your linen cupboard falling in on itself with gorgeous Goosebumps bedding or is it neat and tidy and minimal?!

Linen cupboard is jam packed and it's fair to say the boys have one or two of everything and will most likely continue to do so. 

Thanks Inga! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. 

Check out the full Nocturnal collection here https://goosebumps.net.au/pages/aw17-nocturnal and here https://www.instagram.com/goosebumpsboutiquebedding/.

Maria X