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I've been itching to share with you a full tour of Max's room, nicknamed Monochrome Pop! That's really where it all started. Max's room has been a real labour of love. I had the luxury of taking my time to think about the space and assess what Max really needed in his bedroom now and into the future. I did this slowly, over time, with restraint. I believe that well designed and considered interiors evolve over time. I had to fight some serious spending urges!  Max's room design began with two key items - the bed and the rug. Two hero pieces.


We live in a small 2 bedroom semi detached maisonette so space is at a premium. We needed a bed with storage. Full stop. So we designed and made our own bed. As you do! The brief was simple - needed oodles of storage, could age with Max through the years and had to look good. My husband (@angus_design) designed and made a flat pack plywood bed with two underneath storage compartments on castor wheels. The storage units can be moved around and fit an amazing 350 litres worth of stuff. Storage is king! I love plywood, it's such a versatile material. It fits in well with any interior but looks striking in a monochrome or scandi palette. And it teams well with just about any accent colour. I know I'm biased but I am absolutely thrilled with how Max's bed turned out. It's a bed that will stay with him for years, from toddler to teen. The Aura by Tracie Ellis bed linen, a stylish and forward-looking homewares Australian brand, is a perfect match for the monochrome palette. We reverse the doona depending on our mood - black crosses on white, or white crosses on black. 

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The second hero piece was the yellow Fab Habitat chevron rug from Bauhaus Rundle Street. I adore the colour yellow and chevron so I fell in love with this rug. Max's room is pretty big so I went with the largest sized rug. I didn't want a small rug that would look like it was swimming in an ocean all on its lonesome! A big no no in my book. The indoor/outdoor rug is so versatile, it's made of eco-friendly recycled polypropylene, but it doesn't look like plastic, and it can take the hammering and battering of a 3 year old boy. Water colour pens and other marks are simply wiped down with a damp cloth and it's easily vacuumed. Perfect rug for kids so it gets a big tick in my book.

Once I had the bed and rug sorted that's when the rest of the room took shape. Max's room took on a monochrome vibe which I've coined Monochrome Pop! I'm a big fan of colour but the room needed monochrome tones to off set the colour pop of the yellow rug. Too much colour and it would have looked too busy and the rug would have just blended into the room. I wanted the rug to be a stand out. So black and white was the perfect choice.

Oh, the Places You'll Go print had been on my wish list for a long time. It's one of Max's favourite books (big Dr Seuss fan). The print is from Hunting For George, which I bought from Oscar and Willow (a fave local bricks and mortar shop here in Adelaide). The print was the catalyst for the rest of the room which took on a life of its own.

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A 'places' theme started to emerge. Places to see, places to go. Just go, go, go. Bit like my boy. So I ran with it. Next were the Newbies wall planes from The Greater Good. I originally wanted to cover the wall near Max's bed with wallpaper but unfortunately, I couldn't convince my hubby and it was also way out of our price range. The Newbies planes worked a treat though and I like how they relate to the Oh, the Places You'll Go print.

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Finishing this wall off are shadow boxes from Cotton On Kids which make great little vignettes for Max's Schleich animals and the La De Dah Kids Zaney Zebra. The Sir Trouble Handmade storm cloud is cloud porn personified! Bree is such a talented lady! I turned the little space at the end of Max's bed into a reading corner which will grow with him through the years.

It's a bit of a tricky space because there are three small cupboards high up above the wall which can't be accessed without a step ladder. Very awkward but from time to time I need to access storage in these cupboards. So a reading corner with no obstructions was the best use of space here. IKEA ribba picture ledges, and replica Eames chair from Globe West and THAT lion cushion by Anny Who, a gorgeously quirky and fun label from Germany, from This Modern Life

On the day of shooting Max's room I had the idea to put some prints on a clipboard to create an easy and affordable way to display unframed art. The clipboards were a whole $3.99 from OfficeworksSay Yes to Adventure print from Global Kidz.

To the wall opposite Max's bed. We decided to keep our two existing IKEA pieces (Expedit bookshelf and Malm chest of drawers). These two pieces work well for us so it seemed frivolous to get rid of them just because we wanted something nicer, that we couldn't really afford anyway. I just had to figure out how to make these existing pieces work for Max in his new room. I originally saw the cityscape wall decals positioned above the same IKEA Expedit bookshelf. The decals are from Chispum, a Spanish company. I replicated this look to give Max a play area at his own height teamed with train tape from Little Me Little You to complete a virtual city with train tracks, cars and transport vehicles. Some of Max's favourite things and keeping in the 'places' theme. 

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Above the IKEA Malm chest of drawers is Mini Willa's Berg print from Leo and Bella. Oh how I love Mini Willa! A gorgeous Swedish brand that is fun, unique and on-trend. I have loved the Berg print for a long time. Every cityscape needs a mountain, right?

A white star light from Little Letter Lights Co. which I had coveted for a while and was lucky to get my hands on, are produced by a local Adelaide company. I'm a big supporter of local designers and makers. Lucy is also just lovely to deal with! We use our star light as a night light as I have one little boy that is scared of the dark.

I like to keep the chest of drawers uncluttered (easy to do with lots of storage options in this room) and home to a couple of lovely items like the monochrome arrow from Made by Mosey. I first came across Madeleine's work on Instagram. I adore her work! This girl is such a talent, making all her wares by hand in Melbourne. And she happens to be the nicest person to boot. What is not to love?

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Next stage of the room design was to add a couple of key pieces that would finish the room off and bring the look together. My piece de resistance - the Bull Terrier from Alfie Wild. No words are needed on this gorgeous piece. It's in your face yet understated. It's one of the first things you see when you walk into Max's room but it doesn't scream for attention, it just slowly draws your eye in.

I felt the space above the cityscape needed something else. It didn't seem quite finished to me but I wanted it to be minimal and striking. The Sir Trouble Handmade lightning bolt fit the bill.

My original idea for the wall to the right of the cityscape was to create a pseudo-mini rock climbing wall for Max using different coloured and shaped wall hooks. This would have looked amazing (even if I say so myself!!) but we had two considerations - 1) Max is a boisterous 3 year old that may have used the fake rocking climbing wall literally (gah!!), and 2) our walls crumble easily. Our house is almost 100 years old and so, we have found whenever we drill into them they just crumble away, ruining the plaster and making it difficult to get a nail in to hang things. We use 3MM hooks too but felt we probably needed nails for most wall hooks on the market, and to be able to hang things of a little weight.

Instead I used Noodoll wall hooks, from Leo and Bella, forming a triangle shape replicating the lines of the shadow boxes on the opposite wall. The wall hooks are for primarily practical reasons. Max started pre school this year so I wanted somewhere he could hang his bag. Max started pre-school after we shot his room, and I'm happy to report this is where his bag hangs. Super Hero garland by La De Dah Kids, a fabulous Australian brand, from Have You Met Charlie?

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So there you have it lovelies! I hope you've enjoyed Max's room tour. Nothing beat seeing the smile on my son's face when he saw his room. He would notice little details and comment on how much he liked them. Max loves his room, and I hope you do too.

Maria / mmaX

Full Room Product List
Plywood Bed: Angus Design
Chest of Drawers/Bookshelf and Storage Baskets/Picture Ledges: IKEA
Replica Eames Chair: Globe West
Yellow chevron rug: Fab Habitat (got ours from Bauhaus Rundle Street)
To the Moon and Back Cushion/Shadow Boxes: Cotton On Kids
T-Rex Dinosaur Cushion: Lion of Leisure (got ours from This Modern Life)
Lion Cushion: Anny Who (got ours from This Modern Life)
Bed Linen: Aura by Tracie Ellis (got ours from Temple and Webster)
Oh, The Places You'll Go Print: Hunting for George (got ours from Oscar and Willow)
I Love Cars neon orange sticker: This Modern Life
To the Moon and Back felt banner: Homely Creatures
Wall Planes: Newbies (got ours from The Greater Good)
Dreamcatcher, Grey rabbit/White Duck/White Owl: Bungalow Living Bali
Clipboards: Officeworks
Bull Terrier: Alfie Wild
White Star Light: Little Letter Lights Co.
Monochrome Arrow: Made by Mosey
Cubebot: Raw Space
Berg (mountain) Print: Mini Willa (got ours from Leo and Bella)
Cityscape Wall Decals:
Train tape: Little Me Little You
Lightning Bolt/Storm Cloud: Sir Trouble Handmade
Zaney the Zebra soft toy/Super Hero garland: La De Dah Kids (got ours from Have You Met Charlie?)
Zebra and Lion animals: Schleik
Say Yes to Adventure print: Global Kidz
Blue dotted whale painting: Gifted. Drawn by a 15 year old teenager in the Northern Territory of Australia.
Monster Wall Hooks: Noodoll (got ours from Leo and Bella)
Stuff storage sack: Kolor (got ours from Moppit and More)
Grey felt storage: Citta Design