My Mini Abode

Hello! I'm so excited to be here!

my mini abode has been a little dream of mine for a long time (well, what feels like ages). I have been a creative person for as long as I can remember. I'm passionate about interiors and would love to share that with you here in the blog section, right here. I'll share kids interiors, styling, inspiration, collabs, giveaways and anything that takes my fancy, but with a bent on things for kids.

I have always needed a creative outlet. I have tried everything...decoupage (remember those days?!), paper mache, sanding, painting, I even did a sewing course when I was pregnant (so clearly nothing much came of that once Max was born! Typical, right?). My house is full of bentwood chairs that seriously need some TLC. I did an Interior Design degree (admittedly I did run off in my last year to travel around and live in Europe!) and have been working in marketing and communications for almost a decade. I have always been drawn to one form of creativity, or another. 

How I got to creating my mini abode...

I was pregnant with my son when we started renovations on our house. We live in a semi-detached maisonette and we desperately needed more living space. We demolished half of our house December 2010, and I was due in April 2011. I remember shoveling bricks in 30c degree heat (seriously, what! I still remind my hubby of this when I need brownie points...). We did everything ourselves and I quickly realised our house wouldn't be ready when bubs arrived. And boy, he did arrive, but the house took a little longer. We had a new kitchen, living area, then we had a bathroom by the end of 2011. The deck came not long after and a laundry much, much later. I'm immensely proud of my husband (and me, for coping so well with dust, tradies, no kitchen, no laundry, a bathroom with no door, a finish date that kept getting pushed out and out, all whilst pregnant and baby wrangling!) for building our little family a new home. All the blood, sweat and tears (mine!) were so worth it. 

Sprucing up Max's room wasn't even on the radar to be honest when we renovated. Our bedrooms were in good condition and remained untouched throughout the reno. Max ended up in a cot in the spare bedroom which was also the study come storage come dump-everything-in-here space. Think desk, papers, clutter, vacuum, think 'plonk-baby-here-he-will-be-fine' and so he was. But as he grew (way too fast as all parents can attest) and the reno was not so fresh in our memories anymore I felt I could put more attention on Max's room. The kicker was also transitioning him from a cot to a proper bed (a mattress on the floor for months was not going to cut it anymore). 

I will share more on Max's room soon but in the middle of redesigning Max's room I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. Why not do this for real, for other people? I knew there had to be other design-savvy parents out there who might want a helping hand with their kids rooms. And so, that's how I got to be here. It feels so good, so right and I'm thrilled you've stuck with me!

I hope you'll stick around. Maria X

The MMA brand - my amazingly talented friend Pina 'miss colada' created what you see here and I think you might agree, it's amazing! I really am thrilled how Pina captured the 'fun, stylish and whimsical' brief so well. She is a true talent! Check her out on Instagram - or email 

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