Travels // Are We There Yet? Travelling with Kids

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I’m sure if you hit the words “travelling with kids” into Google a million results pop up for parents searching for ways to make travelling with kids as stress free as possible. 

We like to get away every winter to a warmer climate, even if only for a week to recharge and thaw out. We are heading to north QLD soon, and travelling with a 7 year old and a 2 year old on a plane means I need to be as prepared and organised as possible.

Now that Lola is a bonafide toddler it has changed our travel game a little! We are past the dummy/pram/change table stage (but not the nappy stage as yet, hmm) so it’s about planning ahead to keep them busy and happy.

So here are my top tips! (See previous travel posts – Noosa, Bali and Yorke Peninsula)

For the Plane Ride

TOYS and ACTIVITIES // Keep the kids busy and entertained on the plane. I went to Kmart and bought new things such as small toys, pencil cases, pencils, reading books for the eldest, sticker books for the youngest and mess free Crayola color wonder packs.  My kids will love them as they’re all new and they will each have their own for the plane and when we’re out and about on holiday.

TREATS // Treats and lollies that the kids are rarely allowed will be a big hit with my two - tic tacs (Kmart have a big box of the mini tic tac packs), mints, chuppa chups, and individual bags of lollies.

  Kmart and Target finds

Kmart and Target finds


SNACKS // Healthy snacks for the kids and the parents are a winner. Plane food is expensive and always gives me a funny tummy (mind you, it doesn’t stop me from eating it!). Snacks like muesli bars, fruit that won’t be messy such as apples and bananas, and individiual packs of roasted chick peas and fav-va (broad) beans (a big hit with my kids because they think they’re ‘chips’ ha!) and pop corn.

SCREEN TIME // an iPad is an essential when all of the above wears off (after 5 minutes no doubt!) but our dilemma? We have 1 iPad and 2 kids. Cue the fighting. I will give my phone to one of them and, with any luck, I'll be reading or watching a movie!

ESSENTIALS // A few months ago I bought $5 zipped and lined beach bag pouches from Kmart, super handy for keeping things dry at the beach. I searched for them online but had no luck (makes me glad I bought 4 at the time).  They are great for packing nappies, wipes, clothes and medicines for the plane trip and will be so handy when we are hanging by the pool. You could try using a zipped iPad case.

HEAD PHONES // Bluetooth headphones - genius! Our Moki's are from Myer, currently 2 for $100.


For the Holiday

FOOD // If your kids are like mine and want to eat breakfast the minute they get up pack a box of their favourite cereal. I’ll be packing weetbix, muesli bars and a few other non-perishables like crackers to get us through the week including the car trips we’ll be doing along the way.

SLEEP TIME // My kids sleep with their beloved bunny rabbits and dolls so they’ll get to take one each. I find bringing familiar things from home helps them sleep better at night. We've also hired a cot for Lola which is about $70 for the week.

CAR HIRE // We’ve hired a car with a baby seat and a booster which we are picking up and dropping off at the airport. Means we don’t have to bring seats and we have the freedom to explore…if we can tear ourselves away from the pool.

THE LITTLE THINGS // It's the little things that can make or break a holiday when kids are involved. Does your hotel/apartment have a balcony? When the kids are asleep you want to be able to hang out with your other half to eat/drink/chat without waking the kids. Is it worth bringing some things from home to avoid stress when you arrive at your destination? We are packing fishing rods, books etc. If you're going to a warm destination but it's winter then think ahead when it comes to bathers, sun hats etc. There are very limited options at Target and Kmart at winter time. Although if you're happy to just buy any kids bathers you'll be fine. 

Last of all, have fun! It's hard work travelling with kids but guaranteed it's always worth it.
M x 

By the way, this isn't sponsored by Kmart or Target! Or Myer. I wish! Ha :-)  With social media the way it is I feel I need to make this clear or somehow justify the fact I just genuinely love to share stories. I shouldn't have to, but as I keep saying in my blog posts, this is just for the love of it X

Homewares // Adairs Winter 18

If you've been following me for a while on Instagram you'll know I'm a big fan of Adairs. Huge! I have been a Linen Lovers member for years, it's my go-to for all things bedding, cushions, and now, a great range of furniture and decor. They've got a huge sale on at the moment, and these are my pick of the bunch for kids and adults alike. Sale ends Monday 25th June so hurry (and prices below are even cheaper if you're a Linen Lover). Enjoy x 

KIDS // GIRLS // unicorns, bunnies, velvet, blush. LUSH!

 Unicorn- Star Quilt Cover Set inc. p/cases Single - $49.99, Double - $59.99

Unicorn- Star Quilt Cover Set inc. p/cases
Single - $49.99, Double - $59.99

 Pink Velvet Floor Cushion $29.99 (was $59.99!)

Pink Velvet Floor Cushion
$29.99 (was $59.99!)

 Shooting Star Cushion $19.99

Shooting Star Cushion

 Pale Pink Pom Pom Cushion  $19.99

Pale Pink Pom Pom Cushion

 Bessie Bunny Flannelette Quilt Cover Set inc. pillowcases. Double- $49.99, Queen - $54.99

Bessie Bunny Flannelette Quilt Cover Set inc. pillowcases. Double- $49.99, Queen - $54.99

 Pale Grey Luella Throw $55.99

Pale Grey Luella Throw

KIDS // BOYS // beautiful jersey, dinosaurs, blues, soft greys.

 Blue Washington Knit Cushion $19.99

Blue Washington Knit Cushion

 Stanley Star Quilted Flannelette Quilt Cover Set inc. p/cases. S - $49.99, D - $59.99

Stanley Star Quilted Flannelette Quilt Cover Set inc. p/cases. S - $49.99, D - $59.99

 Night Sky Cushion $19.99

Night Sky Cushion

 Dino Jersey Quilted Quilt Cover Set inc p/cases. S - $99.99, D - $119.99

Dino Jersey Quilted Quilt Cover Set inc p/cases. S - $99.99, D - $119.99

    Stegosaurus Cushion $19.99

Stegosaurus Cushion

 Roadworks Text Pillowcase $11.99

Roadworks Text Pillowcase

And something for the Adults // I love the Adairs Vintage Washed Linen range. I have the 'Linen' Vintage Washed linen quilt cover but would love to add to my collection! Lots of lovely textures and soft palettes here to make winter cosy and warm. 

 Vintage Washed Linen Quilt Cover Magnet Q - $149.99, K - $164.99

Vintage Washed Linen Quilt Cover Magnet
Q - $149.99, K - $164.99

 Himalayan Luxury Fur Zinc Cushion $29.99

Himalayan Luxury Fur Zinc Cushion

 Montana Fur Blanket Grey Wolf [LOVE!] $99.99 (was $279.99)

Montana Fur Blanket Grey Wolf [LOVE!]
$99.99 (was $279.99)

 Lily Cat Vase Tortie $17.49

Lily Cat Vase Tortie

 Vintage Wash Quilted Coverlet Linen  $149.99

Vintage Wash Quilted Coverlet Linen

 Small Granada Basket $34.99

Small Granada Basket

Stay warm peeps!
Thanks for reading, M x

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