Maria Angus

AKA My Mini Abode

Stylist. Blogger. Content Creator.

Passionate about design and interiors, interior stylist and marketing professional Maria Angus found the inspiration for My Mini Abode after having her son and designing his bedroom. And that's how My Mini Abode was born! 

My Mini Abode was born from a love of designing spaces for children, believing that a child's room should be as stylish and practical as the rest of your home, but tailored to their unique personality.

Since then, My Mini Abode has developed into a creative outlet for interior styling, product styling, content creation, collaborations and a blog that encompasses all of these passions and interests. Maria loves to write and share stories - brand and personal.

Also? Without sounding like a resume - Maria studied Interior Design at the University of South Australia, and has more than 10 years marketing, communications and events experience. Because, #slashie!

If you love interiors (fellow #interiorsaddict rejoice!), a good read, are planning a holiday with kids or need some inspiration or help with your home or your child’s space - you’ve come to the right place.

Maria ❤